A list of upcoming courses is given below.  Scroll down for further details of each course. 

Note: We often add to our courses so do revisit this page or join our Facebook group for updates.

If a course is Full please do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to go on the reserve list!

Home Dairy - FULL
23 February
Introduction to Welding - FULL 29 February
Pest Control 8 March
Intro - Keeping Alpaca - FULL
15 March
Working with Beeswax 15 March
Hatching and Rearing Poultry 21 March
Wood Whittling 4 April
Basic Goat Husbandry April tbc
Intro to Bee Keeping 25 April
Working with Green Wood 9 May
Thinking of Running a Smallholding? 9 May
Natural Dyeing Taster Day May tbc
Fleece to Knits 6 June
Mysteries of Goat Showing 10 June
Using Herbs Medicinally
4 July
Intro to Wet Felting 18 July
Intro to Pig Keeping 19 July
Jam Making 5 September
Dispatch and Dress a Chicken 3 October
Rag Rug Making 10 October
Stock Fencing 17 October
Weaving with a Rigid Heddle Loom 24 October
Willow Christmas Decorations 14 November
Nuno Felting 22 November

Courses from January 1st 2020 are open to NSTG members only.

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The following is a printed version of our 2020 courses (this will be added to over the year)

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Preparation for Goat Kidding

The Norwich and District Goat Club and NSTG will be offering a joint course in Feb.  If you would be interested please get in touch.  The venue will be chosen depending on where the participants live. 

Contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Details to be confirmed - date will be in February


Home Dairy

A basic, practical course on cheese, butter and yoghurt making.

Cost £25

Location Reymerston

Date 23 Feb

Time 11 - 2

Tutor Sarah Kirkpatrick


Introduction to Welding

Introduction to welding techniques. All basic materials supplied. You can bring your own items that require repair. Places need to booked and paid for by 28th Jan. Open to members aged 18 and over.

Cost £50

Location Norwich

Date 29th February

Time 10 - 3:30

Tutor  Alan Yardley - Norwich Mens' Shed


Pest Control

An introduction to managing pests in a farm environment.  The course includes both theory and practice.

Cost £25

Location Bergh Apton

Date 8 March

Time 10 - 2

Tutor Andrew Dellbridge


Intro to Keeping Alpaca

The morning will cover day to day care, shelter, fencing, general health care handling and training.

Cost £30

Location Horning

Date 15 March

Time 9.30 - 1

Tutor Annie Nickerson


Working with Beeswax

Learn how to make beeswax candles using a couple of different methods, experince the art of making beeswax polish using a tried and tested recipe and lean all about making decorative beeswax blocks.  Making a beeswax food wrap that can be washed and re-used.

Cost £25

Location Bergh Apton Village Hall

Date 15 March

Time 10.30 - 2.30

Tutor Avis Judd


Hatching and Rearing of Poultry

Includes eff health, incubator and broody hen, hatching process, equipment, sexing chicks and feeding.

Cost £25

Location Little Barningham

Date 21 March

Time 10 - 1

Tutor Sally Feistner


Wood Whittling

An exciting day of wood turning and wood carving.  Lots of projects to choose from such as bowls, spoons, mushrooms and key rings.  All materials provided.

Cost £30

Location Hindolveston

Date 4 April

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Joshua Hubbard


Basic Goat Husbandry

Practical demonstration of how to care for goats.  More details to follow.

Cost £25

Location Topcroft

Date 8 April

Time 11 - 3

Tutor Hazel Francis


Intro to Bee Keeping

We will discuss the basics of beekeeping, covering the bee, and it's life cycle, different types of hive, benefits to smallholders of keeping bees, costs of setting up and what you may need in terms of equipment, buying bees and the pitfalls etc.

Cost £25

Location Framlingham Earl

Date 25 April

Time 10.30 - 2.30

Tutor Peter Sutherland


Working with Green Wood

This will be set in a woodland glade and use traditional tools.  Enjoy a day learning skills using green wood while making a stool.

Cost £25

Location Ringland Hills

Date 2 May

Time 10.30 - 3

Tutor Tom Fox


Thinking of Running a Smallholding

What to consider when planning a smallholding, land, animals, costs etc.

Cost £20

Location Bergh Apton

Date 9 May

Time 10 - 3

Tutors Steve and Suzanne Whitby


Natural Dyeing Taster Day

An opportunity to explore the possibilities provided by our hedgerows and gardens.  Prepare natural dye baths and dye wool samples.  There will be an opportunity to try indigo dyeing.

Cost £30 +£12 for materials

Location tbc

Date 31 May

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Nina Hedderick


Fleece to Knits

Covering the selection of fleece and all aspects of preparation for use in crafts such as felting, quilting and gradening.  Hands on sessions cover carding, spinning and each stage of making wool yarn for use in knitting and weaving.  We will also discuss what crafters look for when buying fleece based products.

Cost £25

Location Little Dunham

Date 6 June

Time 10 - 3.30

Tutor Tracy Richards


The Mysteries of Goat Showing

This will be hosed by the Norwich and District Goat Club, more details to follow.

Date 10 June


Using Herbs Medicinally

Find out more about herbs and make up your own herbal remedies from Paula's smallholding.

Cost £20

Location Carleton Rode

Date 4 July

Time 10 - 2 New Time

Tutor Paula Stone


Intro to Wet Felting

Using Ryeland fleece and Merino wool tops learn the basic techniques of wet felting.  Get creative making a table mat, cushion cover or coasters

Cost £25

Location Near Diss

Date 18 July

Time 11 - 2

Tutor Jan Scott


Intro to Pig Keeping

Right animal, feeding, housing, breeding, daily care, showing, slaughter etc.

Cost £25

Location Walpole Highway

Date 19 July

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Marilyn Keymer


Jam Making

Jam and preserve making, the process, recipes, kit etc.  Hands on making jam to a set recipe and then using your own ingredients.

Cost £25

Location Little Dunham

Date 5 September

Time 10 - 3ish (or it has reached setting!)

Tutor Tracy Richards


Dispatch and Dress a Chicken

Includes dispatching a chicken correctly and humanely, plucking a chicken, evisceration and preparation for the oven

Cost £25

Location Little Barningham

Date 3 October

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Sally Feistner


Rag Rug Making

Have the opportunity to try three different methods of creating a rug from rage.  With an introduction to using a peg loom.  Hessian and some tools will be available to buy if needed.

Cost £25

Location Near Diss

Date 10 October

Time 100 - 3

Tutor Jan Scott


Stock Fencing

Introduction to fencing for livestock, no previous experience necessary.  Design and build for livestock including gates, electric fencing etc.  All equipment provided but please bring gloves.

Cost £25

Location Bergh Apton

Date 17 October

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Steve Whitby


Weaving with a Rigid Heddle Loom

Exploring different techniques and textures using a rigid heddle loom working with yarns, art yarns and fleeces.

Cost £30

Location Horning

Date 24 October

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Annie Nickerson


Willow Christmas Decorations

Learn how to weave a willow Christmas tree, star and reindeer using simple weaving techniques.  There will be time to decorate your work with embellishments and ribbons.  All materials supplied.

Cost £30

Location Shelfanger Village Hall

Date 14 November

Time 10 - 1 Note: change to time

Tutor Karen Lawrence


Nuno Felting

Make a beautiful scarf, combining a length of dyed silk chiffon with areas of coloured merino fleece, and highlighted with strands of silk fibre.  After wet felting, the soft light fabric will drape and have a ruched effect.  Isabel is an experienced artist and knitwear designer who exhibits and sells nationally.

Cost £25 all materials will be provided at an additional cost of £10 paid to the tutor.

Location Bergh Apton VIllage Hall

Date 22 November

Time 10 - 3.30

Tutor Isabel Auker