This website has been set up with two areas:

  1. A public area available to any visitor that drops by.
  2. A private members area only available to members who sign in using their pre-defined log-in details.

This website has been created using a CMS System (Content Management System) - this enables people (who have the appropriate authorisation) to maintain parts of the website. For example, by enabling the training officer to maintain the course schedule. The CMS system chosen was 'Joomla!'

As initially set up, the style of the site is one of the three style templates that are included with the base package. This has not had any modifications done to it, although some of the configurable settings have been changed.

One of the benefits of Joomla! is the large number of add-on packages that are available. We have implemented one - this is for the forum and is called Agora. There are a limited number of style templates available with the base package of Agora - the one that was the closest match to the main template style was chosen.

The forum has been split into a number of sections which are individually accessed via the menu. These sections include the 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' sections. This means that you can reply to an advertiser or ask questions. This forum also gives us the opportunity of 'pruning' old posts. No formal policy has been been created yet, but it is suggested that the 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' postings are pruned after 3 months, other parts of the forum after 6 or 12 months.

Near the top of the forum, under the blue bar is a line that starts: Index » This is known as 'breadcrumbs' and shows how you have got to where you are in the forum. You can backtrack by clicking on a section within the breadcrumbs (but not Index itself.)

Photos can be uploaded to the forum which is very useful for the 'for Sale' section, but can be used in any part of the forum. When making a posting, use the 'attachment' link just under the box where you enter the text - Here is an example:


Note that there are size constraints - no more than 1Mb please.

If you have any queries, before you contact anyone, first see if there is any help or other information on the screen.


This site was set up by Paul Morris who is prepared to help other organisations with their websites.